Listen to In-Depth Three Hour Classes That Adam Presented Through Shinzen Young’s Home Practice Program:

Meditation On Sound And Hearing – Many people find meditating on external sound to be anchoring, calming, centering, and enjoyable. Sounds is a beneficial object of meditation for development of both concentration and for insight/clarity. This session explores meditation on active sounds and meditation on silence, and discusses the techniques as well as including guided meditations. (First presented June 5, 2021)

Practical Tips for Regular Meditation Practice – This session explore best practices and options for how to set up a more stable and reliable meditation practice. It covers subjects like: where to meditate, at what time of day, for how long, how to know which techniques to deploy, what to do if having a hard time getting it going, and the value of connecting with others in practice. The goal is to help create a more steady, easeful, and regular practice, and is designed to be useful to people at all levels of experience. There are also some breaks for some body mindfulness practice. (First presented February 13, 2021)

Meditations For Falling Asleep At Night – Exploring use of awareness, visualization, and mindfulness to soothe insomnia and ease into restful sleep. Includes the practice of techniques including elongation of the breath, progressive relaxation of the body, mindfulness of body rest states, and visualization of tranquil scenes. Also discusses paradigms and information about meditation for sleep and healthy sleep tips in general. (First presented July 12, 2020) // Video of Sleep Course (Presented November 13 and 14, 2021)

Spacious Interpersonal Presence – Exploring how to intentionally create open, attuned, spacious, and comfortable presence while in conversation with other people. Among the topics explored are: maintaining self-awareness when around others, deep empathetic listening, tolerating the intensity that happens during interpersonal intimacy, physical grounding, finding a balance of awareness between self and other, and what gets in the way of mindful communication. (First presented December 14, 2019)

Mindfulness Of Feeling Tone – The classic ancient meditation on “vedana” – whether something feels pleasant or unpleasant – that can help us find less reactivity and more self-awareness and spaciousness. (First presented September 8, 2019)

Mindfulness In A Vehicle – Most of us spend time driving cars and riding in/on cars, buses, trains, airplanes, and ships, and – given the nonverbal and repetitive nature of the mental activity when we do so – this can be a great opportunity to open our experience and deepen our meditation practice. The course contains a selection of techniques and information about mindfully driving a ca and riding as a passenger in vehicles. (First presented June 7, 2019)

Mindfulness And ADHD #1 Oct 27 2018 // Mindfulness And ADHD #2 Sept 27 2021 – Some general information about ADHD, and then specifics about how meditation can help create focus, self-soothing, achievement, and comfort. (First presented October 27, 2018)

Death As A Motivator For Life – This course explores how keeping a regular mindfulness of our inevitable death can bring more inspiration, motivation, energy, richness, clarity, and depth to our experience of life. Includes information on how to transmute fear of death into spiritual connection. The program includes both lecture and contemplative exercises, and draws from such diverse sources as traditional Theravada and Zen Buddhism, Goethe, Ramana Maharshi, Ram Dass, Stephen Covey, Kierkegaard, Osho, Steve Jobs, and more. (First presented July 14, 2018)


Listen to Adam interviewed on Radio and Podcasts about mindfulness meditation:


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2014 – Interview On Radical Self Acceptance Online Telesummit
2008 – Interview On Money Mission & Meaning Podcast – Part 1
2008 – Interview On Money Mission & Meaning Podcast – Part 2
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Watch Adam interviewed on TV about mindfulness meditation:

“Buddha By The Bay”, January 2007
Part 1 – The four foundations of mindfulness, breath and body sensation meditations
Part 2 – Meditation on thoughts and feelings, transcending feelings of hunger
Part 3 – Visual meditation, balancing effort and effortlessness in meditation

“Buddha By The Bay”, June 2006
Part 1 – Breath meditation, meditating while exercising and in the workplace
Part 2 – Existence as waves of energy, reminders of mindfulness in daily life
Part 3 – Work as a meditation, the Eightfold Path