Individual Meditation Training Sessions


Indiv02If you seek candid, skillful, and objective personalized input on how to develop a meditation practice best tailored to the particulars of your life, if you want to deepen the progress that you achieved during a meditation class, or if you want to move your meditation practice forward as rapidly as possible, then personal meditation guidance sessions may be for you.

In these sessions, the agenda is personalized to you. You can get support and individualized attention on anything that will strengthen your mindfulness, concentration, and meditation practices. I can provide one-on-one instruction to help you learn specific new meditation practices that are ideal to your cognitive style and will help you to meet your life goals, or I can provide guidance on your existing practice. We can discuss whatever questions about meditation that you may have, and we can engage in conversation that will uncover and unleash the deeper potentials within you.

Through dialogue, question and answer, guided meditations, home practice assignments, and other forms of inner exploration we will fine-calibrate your meditation practice by helping you to:

  • Find the discipline to sit more, whether you are just getting started or have an established practice
  • Learn new meditation techniques that are ideal for achieving your meditation practice goals
  • Find a customized meditation posture that is perfect for your individual body
  • Clarify our understanding of meditation techniques and general spiritual theory
  • Identify and resolve blind spots in your practice that you might not even know exist
  • Provide you with a theoretical understanding of confusing aspects of meditation and the spiritual path
  • Reveal what the next step is in your practice

Although I have a strong background in Buddhist monasteries and study, my approach is practical and applicable to everyone regardless of spiritual orientation. I work with people who care about themselves and about the beings around them, and who are committed to living as profoundly as they are able.


Mindfulness-Based Coaching: A Broader Perspective

Indiv01I also work with people from a  broader perspective, engaging life beyond meditation practice. We all know that it can be challenging to live life truly, and clarity and support can make a positive difference. I will listen carefully and with compassion, ask questions that will invite insight, and provide clear, honest, and direct feedback that can help you to develop your life from where you are now towards becoming who it is that you want to become.

We will start by exploring inspires you, what you care about, and what is deeply important to you, and how you would like to evolve towards those ideals. Then, we will develop an honest appraisal of your current situation, examining what unconscious behaviors, emotions, habits, and beliefs may be holding you back. Ideally, we will arrive at moments of insight, dramatic shifts in perspective, discovering possibilities that you’d never before seen or considered. Finally, we will then define specific, observable outcomes, plans of action, and structures of accountability. My commitment to your success will help you to staying focused on your path of more conscious and effective living and to move methodically deeper into the truth of who you are.

I give practical guidance, knowledge, motivation, and support in accountability and structure that will match your efforts towards visible results that will help you to experience more meaning, ease, and satisfaction in your life:

  • Having a clear sense of what is next for you in your life, a sense that feels right, fulfilling, and energizing
  • Seeing yourself more clearly than ever before, through the process of deep listening, reflection, and insight
  • Finding a richer sense of meaning, identity, awareness, and spirituality
  • Having the strength and clarity to set boundaries and to be grounded in your own worth
  • Setting, moving towards, and achieving positive life goals – career, relationships, fitness, and spiritual growth
  • Finding compassion and understanding for yourself and others
  • Identifying and having choice around your emotional patterns
  • Communicating more effectively in relationships that matter to you
  • Remaining more grounded and steady when facing stress and uncertainty
  • Bringing a sense of mindfulness, awareness, and spaciousness into all aspects of your life


To Get Started

I offer a complimentary initial consultation for anyone interested in discussing where their meditation practice is now, where they would like to take it, and exploring further how I may be able to help you. To set up a session, please contact me with your name, best email address, phone number, and any other important information.

I am also happy to set up a single initial session for people who do not already know me well and want to check out how I work with people before making a larger commitment.  Generally, however, I work in blocks of four eighty-minute sessions, with a fee of $500.  I like to take the time to get to know my clients on a deep level, and committing to a block of work creates a container for us to create positive transformation inside of.  A block of sessions also gives us time for the results of between-session assignments, involving meditation practice or goal-centered behavior, to grow to fruition.

My sessions are held on Zoom or on phone wherever you are located, or in person in the San Francisco Bay Area East Bay.