Intermediate Meditation


icn_class2Course Overview

The intermediate Journey of Depth and Liberation course is intended for students who have completed the foundational Depth and Liberation class.

The intermeditate class introduces advanced paradigms and techniques and is designed to deepen students experience of meditation.


Upcoming Classes

No intermediate Depth and Liberation meditation classes currently scheduled.


Course Outline

Lecture Subjects :
  • How to develop an awareness of the freshness and newness of every moment
  • Why our thinking is less helpful and realistic than we think it is
  • How to let thinking flow naturally, freely, and mindfully
  • How a mental image we hold of ourselves can be our biggest source of suffering, and how to be free of it
  • Why we often avoid meditating, and how to turn that to our advantage
  • Equanimity, calm, and non-reactivity
  • Why in meditation things sometimes get worse before they get better – and why that is a good thing
  • How purification works during meditation
  • How to open and allow intense pain in meditation, so that we suffer less
  • How to allow intense pleasure to flow in meditation, so that the pain becomes richer
  • How to find a happiness in life that goes beyond normal, every-day happiness and unhappiness
  • Finding the middle way between effort and non-effort in meditation
  • How to know which techniques to use, and when
  • Generating self-acceptance and warmth for yourself in meditation
  • Generating motivation in your meditative practice
  • How meditation impacts the actions we take in everyday life
  • Meditation as a effortless, refreshing, free flow of energy
Experiental Meditation Techniques :
  • Thinking meditation one – becoming aware of internal conversation/analysis
  • Thinking meditation two – becoming aware of internal images
  • Eating an apricot with mindfulness and presence
  • Sitting mindfully knee-to-knee with another person, and allowing all your feelings
  • Awareness of death as a clarifying object of meditation
  • Being aware of free flows of energy in all of your senses
  • Advaita “I Am” self-enquiry practice
  • Seeing with your eyes with awareness
  • Meditation on rest and enjoying the absence of sensations
  • Meditation as completely restful non-effort/doing nothing
  • Meditation on expansion and contraction of energy