Corporate Trainings


 “Meditation and intuition are the two most valuable executive tools for the twenty-first century.”
     — The Harvard Business School

CorporateSessions1Meditation has helped countless people, all around the world and for thousands of years, to cultivate positive mind states. Many businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations across the nation have begun to incorporate the timeless wisdom of meditation and mindfulness into daily work routines. Supervisors and employees in these organizations are now discovering for themselves what the scientific research in neuroscience has found for years: meditation is one of the most effective ways to positively impact the workplace.

The practice of meditation cultivates a simultaneous sense of vivid alertness and deep relaxation. Whatever business your organization is in, training your mind in such a way will help you to meet your goals with more efficiency and ease.

Among the many mental and physical workplace benefits that are commonly observed or reported include:

  • An increase in alertness, focus, and concentration
  • Boosted energy, motivation, and engagement
  • A decrease in stress, specifically lowered blood pressure and heart rate
  • An increase in feelings of well-being, satisfaction, and self-acceptance
  • An increase of a sense of stability, clarity, ease, relaxation, and calm even in the midst of complex, demanding, and charged situations
  • Enhanced creativity and problem-solving, improved neural coordination, and greater mental efficiency
  • Improved interpersonal, collaborative, communication, relationship-building, emotional-intelligence, and teamwork skills – these include deep listening, honesty, patience, and remaining open to different viewpoints
  • An improvement to our immune system, making us more immune to colds, flus, and possibly more serious medical conditions

Mindfulness classes, presentations, and workshops with Depth and Liberation offer clear, practical, and straight-forward instruction in the art of mindfulness and meditation. The main thrust of my work is to provide you with learning experiences that will immediately equip you with a variety of meditative exercises that will be helpful for stress management, mindfulness, workplace efficiency, and clear thinking. I also provide the wisdom and experience to explain key principles, and to answer your questions and explain the what, why, when, and for what reason of meditation practice.

My goal is to ensure that all participants have an opportunity to experience some of the benefits that regular mindfulness meditation practice provides. I tailor my work specifically to meet your team’s needs, providing you with various techniques tailored to your specific needs, what will be enjoyable to you, and what will give you positive results.

Classes can be designed to meet desired timeframes, goals, and budgets. No specific equipment is required, and there is no special dress requirements. Ideally we will be able to have class in a space that can be somewhat private and are less likely to be interrupted, and where employees can either sit in a chair, or on the floor if they have their own cushion or stool.